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PotteryIs the name Alexiou, or the logo with its distinct Greek meandros design ringing a bell for some of you reading this? Perhaps the link to Alexiou Pottery? Perhaps the thought of pottery that you still have in your home? You are all correct, this is the same Alexiou brand that came on the South African scene in the 1980s with contemporary and versatile ceramic ware catering for the home and hospitality industry.

The very same attributes of design, innovation, commitment to quality and value thread together with an authentic and personalised customer experience are the foundational elements of the Alexiou brand philosophy today - continually striving to delight our customers with a specialised and superior offering in Full Grain leather and fabric furniture.


At Alexiou, we just love to follow the latest trends and innovations on the local and international décor front. We connect these insights with listening to what our customers are expressing in terms of their needs and wants. Combine and blend all this inspirational material and you get an integral component in the design and development phases of our exclusive and innovative designs that span across a versatile range of styles to suit all tastes – from classic to contemporary. Our furniture ranges from couches, corner units, day beds, chesterfields, armchairs, wingbacks, ottomans, headboards, dining chairs and more.

Commitment to offering an aesthetically pleasing handcrafted quality product to our customers is what we are devoted to. Ensuring you receive an individual and personalised customer experience and taking the time to understand what is important to you - your needs, specifications, preferences and space considerations – is of utmost importance to us. Our couches are made to order and individually tailored based on your design preference, choice of leather or fabric, size, arm and seating preference. We work with you and provide you with advice and ideas for you to visualise and explore further.


Full Grain We understand and appreciate that buying a couch or corner unit is both a big decision and a considerable investment. And we know you want it to be the best fit, aesthetically and functionally, where you can enjoy comfort and relaxation at home. For this reason, we are obsessed with equipping you with all the necessary information to make the most informed decision.

We know leather - and want to be transparent with you in knowing what leather you intend buying. We do not use any corrected, split or bi-cast leathers which have been altered and are not durable or long lasting. We source and use only the finest Full Grain leather in bovine and a variety of game skins. Full Grain is the top outer layer of the hide which has not been split or altered. The only process this Full Grain layer undergoes, post the hair removal is the dyeing process and that is it.

There is one important piece of leather information that we want to leave with you - whilst Full Grain leather meets and exceeds the standard classification of genuine leather –leathers referred to as genuine are not always Full Grain. When you select Full Grain leather you are ensuring exceptional quality, durability and longevity of your furniture unit that will stand the test of time. We provide a Full Grain leather guarantee with your purchase.


For those of us that prefer the upholstered fabric look and feel, we partner with several reputable fabric houses such as Bartlett & Dunster, Hertex, Home Fabrics, U&G and many others. Alternatively, you can also bring your own fabric for consideration

Whether it is a leather or a fabric couch, let us not forget the underlying construction which is equally important in your purchase consideration. This is an area that many a time is omitted in the decision-making process as it is not visible and not top of mind. At Alexiou, the frame construction, inner cushion material and casings are of the highest quality standard. Our frames are made of solid kiln-dried timber and come with a lifetime guarantee.

What are we saying? We are passionate about what we do. Passionate in offering you exceptional quality, design and value. Passionate about a holistic and personalised customer experience supported by a high level of transparency, authenticity and customer service!

This is our story…

The Alexiou Team